One Page Dungeon Contest 2020: The Hexwastes!

I've just submitted my entry to the 2020 One Page Dungeon contest. My entry for 2020 is entitled The Hexwastes. I hope you'll take a look when it's released. If you'd like to flex your creative muscles and submit something that will definitely get published to the wider world, and possibly win a prize [stop press: including actual cold hard cash it seems!]... then you've got until the deadline on 15th July 2020. All details here: In any case head over there and connect on the official social media and you'll be notified when all the entries are released to the public, after the judges have made their decisions. There are always quite a few really excellent entries, and lots more that are certainly intriguing. All genres are catered for, they are intended to be RPG system-agnostic and they are all released for free use under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license*.. Compendiums of each previous year's entries

d20 reasons why adventurers won't get a long rest

d20 reasons why adventurers won't get a Long Rest Just because the adventuring party have managed to find an appropriate place and sufficient time doesn't necessarily mean they are going to get a full night's rest - if you've ever slept outside, or even just somewhere new, you will agree. Here are d20 reasons why they will not be getting their full allocation of HP restored this night:  Birds or bats call and swoop, putting you on edge. Nearby livestock low, munch and shuffle within earshot, disturbing your rest. The loud call of a distant wild beast wakes you with a start. Probably just a fox or an elk or something. The wind gusts into surrounding foliage and your bedclothes, nudging you awake. Irregular rain showers wake you up due to the noise and occasional drips. The ground underneath you becomes wetter and wetter until it is water-logged and starts to seep into your bedclothes. Someone in your party is snoring again . For some reason the usual breathi

2018 Review of the year outdoors - part 2

2018 Review of the year outdoors - part 2 (of 2) Continuing on from the first part of the year here .   June - Lee Valley As the weather was very nice I decided to go for a long run out of London along the Lee Valley, and see how little equipment I could get away with for a night's sleep. I managed to get everything into a lumbar pack (aka "bumbag", [or “fanny pack” for the Americanists, if you really insist]), although I did have to strap the bedroll underneath. The morning after. Everything packed away into a small pack and bedroll. I didn't even take an insulated sleeping bag, just a waterproof-breathable "bivvy" bag, a thin foam ground sheet and a ultralightweight comfort pad constructed using black balloons. Yes really . With an extra layer of clothes on top of my running clothes I was fine, despite a very short light shower in the night, and the attentions of some annoying flying insects. The minimalist sleeping set up   But rea

2018 Review of the year outdoors - part 1

2018 Review of the year outdoors - part 1 (of 2) This is a diary post documenting my most notable outdoor trips last year. I will try to include some RPG-relevant comments and gameable ideas! January - Box Hill So picture the scene, I work up the nerve to do a day's walk out of London with a plan to sleep out in a bivvy bag (i.e tentless). After nightfall and a couple of pints at the nearest hostelry I climb the hill under the shadowy and unfamiliar light of my head torch, telling myself regularly that there is nothing out there to get me. Then I round the corner and see this huge beast blocking the path! Wooden Dracolich - mostly harmless It certainly looked to me like some kind of wooden dracolich, or perhaps SCP-682 ... In any case I nearly shat myself, but continued on regardless and actually did get some rest overnight after eventually dropping off to sleep. Achievement unlocked: first night in a bivvy bag somewhere other than a friend's garden. Trave

You meet in a tavern

If you are looking for ransom RPG insights I can tell you I don't have money much creative ability, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare hopefully interesting for people like you. One of my hobbies is playing and occasionally running tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeon and Dragons, Dungeon World, FATE etc. Another of my hobbies is attempting real life " microadventures ", by spending time outdoors away from civilization, doing things such as hiking, trail running, scrambling and wild camping. I like to think that these real-life activities have given me some little insight into what it might be like to live the life of a travelling murderhobo adventurer in a fantasy setting. So my aim in this blog will be to explore some topics around real life adventuring in relation to roleplaying games (and perhaps fantasy fiction if that's your thing)